Talking to dogs

This and that from all around / how to make a racing car game from (mostly) cardboard / what’s the best way physical way to preserve digital files for 50 years? / an interview about Off the Map and Beyond (via MeFi), a book about unseen places / photography by Mary Gaudin / SpeculationWorld, images of half-finished photography by Daniel Kariko (via MeFi) / Everyone is psychic! / Anatomy of an AI System (via MeFi): breaking down the Amazon Echo and the ‘vast planetary network’ that underpins this incongruous metal cylinder / Andrew Grassie paints meticulous miniatures of exhibitions in progress using egg tempera / we got the sudden impulse to go and look at Rion, lightningfield and slower again. Photography has evolved, for want of a better word, hugely in the past 10-20 years.

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