Taking things apart

All the things we forgot to post last week. IKEA launches disassembly instructions encouraging customers to extend product life / This used to be a Blockbuster / some good, old fashioned link hopping. A chance reference to ‘Catholic priest and werewolf expert Montague Summers‘ in this piece on the forthcoming Chips Channon diaries sent us off to look for this frightening man’s south London school, now Prendergast School, home to these early 20th murals, set out by Evelyn Dunbar, and chronicled, of course, by Transpontine / the work of Blunt Action studio / photography by Alice Fisher / very non-official Lego stuff at Minifigures small / local round-up. A peek inside Jones and Higgins / Ham is where the heart is / the work of Hans Arnold, as found at Monster Brains / Electronic Plastic, a wonderfully comprehensive collection of games from times past (via MeFi). We would point you to the Argos ‘Book of Dreams’ retro site as a supplementary link, but it seems they built this epic archive out of Flash. Retro Mash has you covered / devices by Bleep Labs / instrumental music from Outrun the Sunlight / Our Little Darlings, ‘a music collective specialising in experimental pop and ambient’ / make your own blob / always good to see Ekranoplan pictures / Rock of ages: how chalk made England.

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