Taken away

Ladies and Gentlemen, a richly atmospheric music and video performance / a time-lapse of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta / car crash studies, a series by Nicolai Howalt / speaking of car crashes, an interview with Sergei Polonsky. And the TripAdvisor review of his Cambodian beachside bar / huge amounts of aviation imagery at kitchener lord’s photostream, including this set of classic aviation art.


What Men Really Want, a post at Lower East Kenwood / we really want the Next Car Game, simulated automotive insanity / smash virtual cars up then reassemble them with the ar Mechanic Simulator (via RPS) / Malc Raggett’s Photo Blog, ‘photography and the photographic image’ / a gallery of confiscated toys / Javascript MESS, the motherlode of emulation (via me-fi) / Bicycle Taxidermy, stuff your steed.

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