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A new dustbowl

Elon Musk’s grand plans for colonising Mars – a throwaway remark, perhaps – have certainly captured the media’s attention. There’s a whiff of Bond Villain about the whole endeavour, with the totalitarian, almost cult-ish undertones that would inevitably be created … Continue reading

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Come fly the friendly seas

Minimal Details, an ongoing series that fetishises/lauds the simple, unpretentious and functional architectural detail (via Space Invading). A sort of ascetic companion to this / The Pixies have a new website / Madame Saqui at Vauxhall, 1820, at Uncertain Times, … Continue reading

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The cliched idea that European cars are small, poky deathtraps is gradually subsiding in the American consciousness (although occasionally it pops up in relation to things like the smart car and the new Fiat 500). However, this story from Design, … Continue reading

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