Fukushima, a photographic and text essay by Arkadiusz Podniesinski / abandoned Russia by Ralph Mirebs / illustrations by Guillaume Kurkdjian / maps by Stephen Walter / is this the end of Bugatti? VW looks to cut costs / the blackest black is Vantablack / The Abandoned City, photographs by Peter Zelei / The Wayback Machine: nostalgia, music and the changing role of the past for the digital generation.


‘Life is too short for ugly cars’: Chromjuwelen (via Coudal) / new music! LIINES ; Blac Rabbit ; Charivari / there’s something creepy about the products sold by Bugs Direct, and not just because they were once crawling / ‘Julian Germain photographed classrooms in 19 countries all over the world‘, at the British Journal of Photography / interactive map of global satellite positions (via flight club).

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