Swans and sneaky designs

The Archive of Modern Conflict issues a journal, collecting ‘material dating from prehistory to the present day. As the subject areas expand, they intertwine to reveal unexpected stories about the nature of our world.’ / Flying in and out of Windows, a look at levitation, spiritualism and the power of suggestion in spirit-obsessed Victorian London (at Strange History) / a tour of ruined Detroit by drone, the next level of urban exploration – tougher for security guards to chase. Until they get their own, urban-explorer-busting drones / play Nico’s Frozen Warnings in two separate windows, about seven seconds apart (via MeFi) / a heartfelt homage to the Lego’s iconic set 928, the Galaxy Explorer / from Hastings to London in a fibreglass swan: Swandown (extracts) A psychogeographical collision between the absurd and the banal, trying to conjure rough poetry from the joins as a riposte to the banal aesthetic of the London Olympics.


Tobacco packets attract children. Now argue against making them plain: ‘Just watch a shocking video put together by Cancer Research UK, where primary school children chat about cigarette packs. One child takes one look at a Marlboro pack and simply says “Ferrari”. I suspect that’s why Philip Morris is willing to continue to pay an estimated £100m a year in sponsorship to this F1 team despite being banned from making any link to the Marlboro brand name.’ The result of using the sneakiest design ever, an attempt at subliminal – or pseudo-subliminal, perhaps – branding (which the company ultimately had to remove).

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