Surveying the past

Diamond Geezer does its annual blogroll review, from which we glean that a) blogs are (probably) dying a long, slow death, and b) blogs are still really good places to read and discover new things, places, people and just stuff in general. The self-publishing revolution happened, peaked, evaporated and almost completely disappeared. But what’s left is still worth your time. Examples: Plenty of Taste, The Charlton Champion, Dig Your Fins, and more to come / The 1980s Survey Mixes, as seen through the lens of Fluxblog, ‘the original mp3 blog’ (via MeFi) / Sonic Youth, live in Germany 1996 / Inside the Void (via RPS) / the Chinese Straddling Bus / which doesn’t qualify for the saddest Kickstarter projects on Earth.

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