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Kickstart Heart of Neon, ‘the inspiring story of gaming legend Jeff Minter and Ivan Zorzin of Llamasoft‘ / very much sort of related, the Butter Churn music visualizer / another thing to Kickstart: A Gift‘, a film by Marc Kristal / the far right’s obsession with modern architecture / Repetition, a film by Max Cooper (via tmn) / also via tmn, the substantial 4AD Video Archive / photographer Philip Butler traces the surviving iconic Odeon cinemas of the 1930s, at Creative Boom. See also Butler’s images of Pre-War Garages.

Other things. A futuristic camping car / emergency services around the world discover the art of Knolling. Knolling on Flickr / a series of anonymous Climate Confessions / Never Too Small is ‘a video channel dedicated to small footprint design and living’ / compare and contrast with the Penthouses and Mansions of NYC in film and TV (the latter via MeFi) / a piece from Places Journal: Disaster for the People, Bonanza for the State, the unintended consequences of post-war Italian land reform / a differing kind of land re-forming: Crop circle ‘inventor’s’ son talks about father’s legacy. See also Crop Circle Center, ‘the world’s largest archive on crop circle sightings’.

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