Streets of London

Random things today / art direction by Hugo Moreno / pop-up floppy / Embarrassing Treasures, a delightful repository of old advice manuals, TV guides, theme park literature and other outdated literature / the modern equivalent, perhaps: the Autocomplete Archive / Uncube tackles Bricks / related to our last post: London ‘street graphs’ show full impact of the housing crisis / Slothy’s Pigeonshit, one of those marvellous mp3 blogs stuffed full of ripped and rare vinyl, all of which has vanished with the disappearance of Mediafire and Rapidshare, etc. Still, the descriptions are fun to read. There are still some dedicated survivors out there, like Easy Listening World, Lord of the Boot Sale and The Devil’s Music / more old things: The Houghton Mifflin Readers (1971), ‘Textbook Illustrations that Blew a Million Minds’ / a fine Fanfare post on Michael Apted’s Seven Up series / explore a lavishly created old asylum in The Town of Light / A Psychogeography Of Games #1: Kentucky Route Zero / films for short attention spans: Skinemax and Memorex. The 80s. They remember it wholesale / yet more revivalism: Musicophilia’s epic 1981 Box Set.

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