Streets in the sky

Britain’s best Carchitecture, off the back of the Carscapes exhibition. See also Carscapes: The Motor Car, Architecture, and Landscape in England, Carchitecture and the world of Motopia / LincVolt, electrifying classics. See also Zombie 222 / Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 & Today / V12 Laraki, Eric van Hove: ‘a replica of the Mercedes-Benz V12 engine used by Abdeslam Laraki in the ‘Laraki Fulgara’, Morocco’s first ever high-performance, luxury sports car’.


All you need to know about Shriekback. Other music things: OGRE / Peturbator / Betamaxx / Chalk Lines / Our band only sold one copy of our album and we’d like it back / why does a VHS copy of Hellraiser keep appearing on a South London bus stop? / good band name: Pablo Escobar’s hippos / the making of Dark Side of the Moon / the story of Jurassic Park’s Dinosaurs / see also, before and after visual effects.


Some other things. Something we haven’t seen for a long time: trololololololololololo / Submerged is an upcoming game set in a drowned urban landscape, shades of Ballard, of course, but also a long-running apocalyptic theme / sort of related: Protect and Survive / Rocket from Earth, a tumblr / “Everyone is becoming an expert in image-making“, Cristobal Palma on the challenges facing architectural photography / we keep returning to Scavenged Luxury.

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