Stratified sampling

On the way down to visit the newly installed Radic Pavilion in Somerset, we passed the aftermath of the morning’s revelry at Stonehenge. The solar eclipse had lured a convoy of sun-worshippers, neo-pagans, tourists and members of the Wiltshire constabulary, and their caravan of motley vehicles fringed the standing stone circle with uneven silhouettes / other things. The Great Diary Project brings together extracts from personal diaries over the decades / beautiful interactive architecture illustrations by Oskar Stalberg / Leave Them All Behind, a tribute to Ride Playground, an exhibition and book of photographs by James Mollison. See also his found photo project, The Memory of Pablo Escobar.


Marvelous Mars, a high res gallery compiled by Medium / Visual Dyslexia, a blog of urban fragments / the above image is from the rediscovered 1815 map by William Smith showing the geology of England, Wales and part of Scotland (via BBC News). It’s a shame the Geological Society is so watermark-heavy and resolution averse / Everyone Forever, a tumblr scrapbook from Universal Everything / the one-off Mercedes 300 SEL by Pininfarina / our Wing Mirror Project is now on its twelth gallery / The Cold Rim of the World, ‘The rise and fall of Pyramiden, a Russian mining town located in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard’ / The Sick Bag Song, a new book by Nick Cave / process and work charted at the Mist Gallery’s blog.

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