Stills, frames and specials

Auto Aerobics, a project by Chris Labrooy (via Phaidon) / cinegaze, a blog dedicated to Australian Cinema and Television / This Must Be The Place, a tumblr of classic film stills / all that was still turned into frantic movement: Gif My Ass / Of Mistakes, a tumblr / Dark Silence In Suburbia, a tumblr well worth following / Stanley Kubrick’s Annotated Copy of Stephen King’s The Shining / Stephane Goin, a tumblr travelogue of Americana / the Appendix, ‘a quarterly journal of experimental and narrative history’.


So where exactly does your phone come from? A project by Fredrik Stabenfeldt / beautiful collage art by Crystal Isabel Fischetti / the Colani Sea Ranger, 1979 / take the Butterfield Diet / The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards / Typeset in the Future, the fonts of sci-fi / concept designs at Tuvie / Mehrzeller Concept Caravan (via The Culture Engine).

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