Still desperately trying to be distracted

Rachael Smith illustrates regularly on Empathize This, ‘a place where people can tell their own stories about how prejudice and hardship affect their lives’ / music by The Expert Sleepers / Ott Art, a tumblr about art / Cocoons, photographs by Peter Steinhauer (via the Guardian) / an instagram from Japan, wakuneco, alarmingly realistic cat portraits / Space Exploration, much goodness to be found, like this Soviet Zero-Gravity Chess set from Soyuz 9. Marc Newson will probably buy the lot / pair your viewing with this song: Helena Hauff – c45p, by Keyser Söze / the new age of ‘imaginary facts‘. There are depressing parallels with wrongheaded beliefs like flat eartherism; the dark side of making stuff up for fun and/or profit.

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