Stealthy and secure

Building sites reveal unseen London, photographs by Andy Spain of the facades and vistas that are temporarily revealed by wholesale redevelopment in the (usually cramped) City of London / London’s Heygate Estate, currently in the process of demolition, sparks the usual debates about re-use versus re-construction / on the late RB Kitaj and his critics / space and sexuality are amongst some of the themes covered in Andreas Angelidakis’s blog.


A little bit about cassette fetishism / finally / The economics of indie rock / the recent story about Raytheon’s ‘Riot’ social-media sniffer reminded us of Autonomy, once a small UK company (now, awkwardly, part of HP, that evolved into a search specialist. We have vague memories of installing an early piece of software from this company, a desktop search that indexed the entire computer. Anyone have any ideas what this was?


The Billionaire Sheikh Who Carved His Name Into an Island. The carving seems to have made it into Google’s mapping, even if the satellite imagery hasn’t (Bing Maps show it under construction). What’s most puzzling, however, is why the lettering is ‘upside down’ and not facing north? The island does have ‘Rats as big as cats running around the restaurant‘.


Is there any space monkey fraud or Capricorn One-like shenanigans in Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager? A punch on the nose says not / sort of related, The Flying Rooster proves even weird planes (except Iran’s new stealth fighter jet) can fly / I Like ventures into the realm of the tumblr with Teetywoo / Ukranian schoolboy spots hungry deep-sea elephant seal / contemporary photography collated by Field of Vision.

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  1. ante says:

    re: the upside down hamad – i remember from my history lessons, that the arabic convention was (and maybe still is, i don’t know) for the south to be the “top” of the map, instead of the north (as it is in the european convention). so it’s either that, or the construction foreman held the blueprints the wrong way (it’s known to happen…). also, i’m pretty sure that at least the first couple of letters were visible in the satelite image, last time this made the news.

  2. ante says:

    ah, i see it is visible on the bing maps. didn’t expect that.

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