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Vanity height: ‘Of the top ten tallest buildings in the world at present (pictured), at least 27 percent of each structure is superfluous, according the report.’ / “Two-up” By Scooter to Australia, the website of a book about a 1956 journey / we love the sylvan photography of Felix Wilson / Issue Press, publications and editions / a scrollable landscape / photographs by Martin Kollar / The Museum of Imaginary Instruments / more London then and now


‘Welcome to the official site dedicated to the Beast of Bala. The most comprehensive and up-to-date archive documenting the existence of Teggie past and present. Bala lake in North Wales is reputed to be the home of a mysterious water creature which is affectionately known as Teggie, after the Welsh name for the lake – Llyn Tegid. Teggie has been reported by witnesses as a Plesiosaur, crocodile, dolphin, zeuglodon cetoides, ichthyosaur, porpoise, seal, giant pike, sea lion, eel or sturgeon.’

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