The grand schemes of the past are always fascinating, such as the abandoned plans for the city-scourging Ringway South Cross Route / a rusty Lake Geneva hideaway / the modern (digitally-enhanced) art of the single-take blockbuster shot / building climbing antics from Angela Nikolau / the Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron. Related, a ridiculously detailed look at the Lepin Super Star Destroyer, a meticulous but clearly fake Chinese knock-off of Lego. There’s lots of Lepin STAR WNRS (sic) stuff out there, brazen in its imitation. Also sort of related, Star Wars action figures, a hand-made selection. Also related, a complete history of the Millennium Falcon / Guido Zimmerman’s modernist cuckoo clocks / Crazy Walls, a tumblr (via Meanwhile) / The Olympians is a treasure trove of ephemera and memories about the Olympic Games.

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