Spoof cities and views from space

Les Yeux sans Visage, a weblog / a history of photographing the Earth from space / Lightplot is described as a ‘robotic 3D light painting system’, built to make animated sculptures through a clever computer controlled moving projector / a deck of cards created by 52 illustrators / The Shard – a timelapse study, a short film by Paul Raftery and Dan Lowe. Not the turbo-charged ground-to-spire blast you might expect – these are no doubt being compiled by the developers out of footage like this ready for a roll-out later in the year.


We’re enjoying Mr Baldwin’s travels in search of the American opinion of Paris in Paris, America: Our French Connection / Lay Flat, independent photographic publishing house / The Making of a Room for London by millimetre, the company that built David Kohn and Fiona Banner’s inhabitable Thames-side installation / at top, the Lost Rivers of London, a ceramic work by Loraine Rutt / at bottom of page, Martin Grover paints old 7″ singles, amongst other things.


The best tumblrs selected by ask MeFi, including Installator, which exists to showcase images of artworks being installed and installations being built / Timescapes, photographs by Willem van den Hoed / Free Association Design posts about Pokegama’s Macro Accelerator, a ‘famed log chute near Klamath Hot Springs, California, [that] dropped 835 feet in elevation for a distance of 2,650 feet from the Pokegama Plateau to the Klamath River’. The logs were apparently smeared in tallow to help them slide faster.


A tumblr of art and more by Adam Shapland / soundscapes and design at Touch Music / how to make long exposure photographs using burning wire wool / Slot Mods. Ever wanted a full scale replica of a racing car containing a small scale car racing track? / AUTOart makes exceptionally detailed cars / Platform 7, a South London art space / Poul Webb’s Art Blog / a pertinent post in this Ask: ‘Understand “curation” and “criticism” and “taste” for what they are – exclusion, segregation, negation, refusal, and rejection.’


Hipescu, ‘the city of Thousand Suns’, is spoof urbanism, a fantasy playground for an imaginary despot, overlooked by the 850m tall Hipcescu Tower. ‘And while a highly efficient state-security apparatus ensures your safety at all times, you will thoroughly enjoy our eco-friendly beaches, exciting nightlife, tax-free shopping, reliable nuclear energy sources and excellent real estate investment opportunities.’ A barely concealed jab at the Kazak city of Astana / related, Once upon a time in Dubai, old images of the kingdom. See also Dubai then and now / apologies for the absence and sporadic posting of late.

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