This and that and everywhere else. Art by Katherine Lam / art by Beth Rodway / art by Daisy Gin1sberg / an entire Rush gig with only the unaffected guitar tone and nothing else / ThanAverage, compare and contrast. Depressing / revisiting the music of Rachel’s / Harnessing the Dystopian Dread of the Brutalist Tower Block, ‘The real-life British buildings behind J.G. Ballard’s harrowing “High-Rise.”‘ / Cinemagraphs, a subreddit / the chaos of Crossrail. Two miles to walk to contractors’ toilets; designs that ran behind the construction schedule; the wrong kind of contracts (‘The more times Crossrail asked one of the companies to re-do something the more they had to pay them’) / the current UFO flap is gathering momentum, despite being founded mostly on hearsay and a small collection of easily debunked videos. The countercultural narrative has run through UFOlogy since the earliest days. In the modern era, conspiracies feel more harmful than playful. Some good discussion here / Racism and cocktail culture: The whitewashed history of your favorite drinks / Tokyo Nude, photographic art by Rumi Ando. Safe for work / a photo-essay on British mosques / you do it to yourself: Amazon’s Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen / My Teenage Band, an instagram / old piece, but fascinating insight into aristocracy, eccentricty and psychedelics / music by Condor Gruppe / there were a bunch of great bands on Wrong Speed Records.

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