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Enter the Little Printer from BERG, a slice of contemporary kawaii that spits out customised reels of cloud-sourced information, communications, trivia and news. It beats having a toaster tell you the weather, but it’s very self-consciously analogue, a ‘social letterbox‘, as per the original idea from 2006, spliced with a very modern retro-sensibility – a sort of Instamatic for printed information with shades of the original Sinclair ZX printer. Snarky thread at MeFi (‘Also I feel in order to really use this product I’d have to install it in the mouth of mounted deer head or something and then greet it as a person “What is the news Mr. Deer!” and generally just go off my nut before the whole thing made sense.’). Related. The Daily Torygraph defaces the press in a childish but occasionally amusing fashion.


Rarefied Oxygen, a tumblr / Scott Duffey, a tumblr / Songs: Illinois, an alt-country mp3 blog / Mr Gray points us towards some crisp wintry shots of London’s Barbican and environs at Graphic Shot / Kami, paper and book arts concept store in Melbourne / a self-explanatory, highly esoteric post that would have found no other outlet in the pre-digital era: The World’s Largest Ship Propellers / CityVision Magazine, urbanism and aesthetics.


Art and illustration by Jacqueline Ford / a new look for Slanted / photography and drawings by Kyle Schroeder / queries and curiosities from Alison Hope / nt-archi, an inspiration blog / Apollo 15 and the stamps, a sad tale of unauthorised Astrophilately / blogLESS, a site about design ethics and more / intriguing exhibition: Your Garden is Looking a Mess Could You Please Tidy it up. Especially like Leon Chew’s images of JG Ballard’s Ford Granada, ‘The Crystal Land‘.

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