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We find music blog Rocket Remnants just as it signs off: ‘Five years ago, when I first began Rocket Remnants, music blogging was cool. Now it’s really in the hands of those posting new releases. The retro blogger, whether of shows, deleted albums or general rarities, well, they’re all gone now: “blog no longer exists”; words all read up; links long dead.’ / the Transamerica Pyramid Time Lapse sequence from David Fincher’s Zodiac / see also Kevin B Parry’s film Hypno SF (see also rrrrrrrroll, for more gif fun) / always worth a revisit, the Bullitt filming locations in San Francisco as seen in April 1968 and July 2002. The site could do with a bit of a polish for today’s more visual web.


The Return of the AA’s Highland Patrol (via All Things Considered) / Archetcetera, an architecture blog / the ill-fated Rausings will leave a legacy of charitable donations, countless billion Tetra Paks and the stark reality of hard drug addictions facilitated by unlimited funds (and presumably unlimited willing enablers). More interesting is the house commissioned by patriach Hans Rausing, designed by John Outram, one of the genuine eccentrics of contemporary British architecture, on the site of Wadhurst Hall in Sussex. Outram’s design is a polychromatic extravaganza, a sprawling series of pavilions woven amongst the remaining fabric of the original house (location map), a collision of materials and forms quite unlike anything ever seen before.

The house was built for an industrialist- it has a steel frame, sheeted roofing, and makes extensive use of precast concrete, but it is finished in much richer materials and to far superior standards than usual. The exterior is clad in contrasting bands, or ‘strata’ of materials. At the base is an exposed pebble aggregate. Above this is a band that is acid-eteched to reveal a crushed limestone aggregate, and then most of the column is clad in “Blitzcrete®”. Above, capitals of black concrete with black marble aggregate laquered to make them look permanently wet, fuse the cube with the sphere. Cast through them are holes that are sometimes overflows for the rainwater gutters and at other times house floodlights. Similar capitals cap chineys to fireplaces and flues.


Other things. Chimp Ham: “Trailblazer In Space”, a 1961 Detroit News Newsreel / Domestic Negative, Archiclog on concrete’s ability to work as a negative space, and some artistic and architectural responses to that. Including Rachel Whiteread’s long-vanished House / thanks to Daniel Gray for keeping us in his clearly overflowing rss feed. We’ve also bitten the bullet and signed up for Amazon Affiliates – we’ll let you know when we make our first pound.

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