Speeding through

The truly epic Metropolis II (via). Burden’s installation – opening soon at LACMA – is both celebration and critique of the dynamism of the contemporary city. The title obviously nods to Lang’s Metropolos and the crawling, whizzing cityscape built by Erich Kettelhut, but also directly references the General Motors Futurama. Lang and Burden both created heroic dystopias, but the GM installation was pure, undistilled optimism. The diorama and model offer instant hingsight to their creators, but hubris invariably cloaks these alternate readings.


Sort of related: Paper Planes, a very beautiful short film / architectural films and galleries at 11h45 / photography by Ed Ringtone / Hello Dirty, a tumblr / rebuilding the Vickers Vimy / Steve cooks for Heather / art for sale at The 100 Project in order to ‘nurture the creative talent of tomorrow’ / Zoe Crosher’s project ‘The Unveiling of Michelle DuBois‘ is an ‘imagined archive‘, a collection of images that together make up a fantasy of a fantasy life. Crosher has also created a series of images of points of disappearance.

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