Spatial explorations

Many wondrous things to peruse at the Bonhams Space History sale / sort of related, ‘These People UFO So Much Harder Than You‘ / beautiful landscape paintings by Fred Ingrams / architectural paintings by Daniel Rich / computer art and animation by Alan Warburton. We especially like ‘Z’, ‘composed entirely of z-depth images – also known as ‘luminance depth’ or ‘depth map’ images.’ More at his blog / Porton Down: ‘Inside Britain’s secret weapons research facility’ / why bad ideas refuse to die / Eight art thefts that went wrong / Unit Editions has a great tumblr / Gorminator, photography by Gorm Ashurst / cheap copies of great pedal / free things online / Ghost Ships, real and imagined / still unverified, Moscow’s Metro 2, a deep, deep line for the country’s elite.

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