Space for (hu)man(s) and the case of the ancient astronauts

NASA’s Legacy Gallery from activities at the Hugh L. Dryden Flight Research Center (now the Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center) / this next one is really not related at all, promise: Pseudoarchaeology and the Racism Behind Ancient Aliens (via MeFi). At least we got this epic piece of music / meanwhile, as the UK government implodes in a slow motion car crash, Sam Jacob points out that “the beautiful buildings commission is just a front for the continuing attack on progressive ideas,” spearheaded by the ‘Alf Garnett of architecture‘, Roger Scruton, who is rolling up his sleeves, straightening out the vellum, sharpening his quill and getting set to jettison modernism (‘M’s big and small) in a headlong rush back to the past. At least with the classical orders you knew your place, right? / fire, of course, cares not if it’s a McMansion or a Case Study knock-off: California’s wildfires are as big as 16 Manhattans. The death toll is still rising / step away from today’s woes by sampling 30 Years of American Anxieties instead.

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