Space Brutalism

Martian concrete: Four of the entrants into NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, hosted at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center YouTube page: Team Kahn Yates; Team Northwestern University; Team SEArch+/Apis Cor; Team Zopherous / My First Pritzker, Ombu Architecture / wasn’t this solution to the ‘mystery’ of the Bermuda Triangle first mooted decades ago? Spoiler, it involves ‘rogue waves’ / speaking of old stories from the deep, Robin Brown’s 1981 Megalodon (more and more) is the book we thought the movie was based on, an airport read swimming on the tails of Jaws. But no, turns out it was a book written with a movie in mind instead (via MeFi) / Song Exploder tackles the arpeggios of Stranger Things theme / related, a list of ultra in-depth single subject media podcasts / I’m Good I’m Gone, music and more.

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