Space and office sounds

The Sagrada Familia in 2026, an official animation showing the next stages of construction / sort of related, No, you will never have skyscrapers with trees on them / An Insider’s View Of 19th-Century Paris (Even The Urinals) / a Lego Calendar that syncs with Google Calendar. Looks complex / sort of related, Sounds of the Office, a long-playing record from 1964 (at Smithsonian Folkways Recording / Extraordinary Collection of Counterculture Literature Up for Auction.


Sifteo Cubes, a stackable gaming system / Space Engine, a universe in less than 700 mb (via RPS) / related, Frontier Astro, ‘dedicated to Elite, Frontier and Astronomy’ (when you could fit a universe on a floppy disk) / walk the aisles of the Woolworths Museum / Civil Disturbances, 1975. How to keep the peace in the event of a national crisis / the Writer’s Hub, advice, articles and more / Fourth Door presents ‘an in depth view of Nature and Culture’ / Zero Hours, the life of a Londoner in 2023 / the city now at the London Landscape Observatory, which links to Karen Russo’s installation featuring the Hackney Mole Man.

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