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There are many gems at Bonhams’ upcoming Aviation and Space History Sale in New York, including ephemera, artefacts, historic photos and stunning imagery. A selection: signed image of the Mercury Capsule, Soviet surface-to-air missile engine (‘apparently unfired’) / Wally Schirra during training for the Mercury Mission, a poster for the Belmont Park Air Meet, New York, 1910, the Moon at 215 hours, from the Paris Observatory, March 29, 1890, by Paul and Prosper Henry, Air Force Eastern Test Range, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Facilities Location Map, drawings of the proposed Space Park at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, Snoopy Astronaut dolls, 1969, two beautiful photographs from Apollo 17, ‘Orange Soil‘ and ‘Harrison Schmitt with the Lunar Module“, and Fred Haise’s Potato Soup carried on Apollo 13 (above).


Dr. Seuss, the Mad Hatter: A Peek Inside His Secret Closet:

In Dr. Seuss’ home, a bookcase opens up with a false door, and behind it are literally hundreds of hats that he collected and all of these paintings from throughout his life that he never showed to anybody. They were stored together inside this closet, and there’s a really nice relationship between the hats and the paintings because the hats, in many cases, inspired the characters in the painting. They all lived together behind this secret door. It’s really amazing—an American treasure.


Other things. The world’s most dangerous roads / Face of the Earth Terrariums, including miniature representations of the opening scenes of Breaking Bad, the Beetlejuice House, the ubiquitous zombie apocalypse and our favourite, Hiker vs Sasquatch (via Salon) / Yves Klein’s Leap into the Void – the behind the scenes pictures / Metamuseum, an online outlet for ’13 American museums and cultural institutions with design, craft and architecture collections’.

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  1. Jason Jarvis says:

    I love all of the information! I’ve been on your site for about 20 minutes looking through everything!

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