Sounds to catch up

A collection of audio installations by Zimoun (via the TRACE archives) / music by Spare Planet / music by Airships on the Water / music by Unwed Sailor / undefinable pop from Jessica Genius / dreamy guitar pop by Winter / instrumental music by Drawing Eights / motion graphics by Kenny Brandenberger / how The Vast of Night pulled off its 4 minute tracking shot. The film is recommended / a selection of unassuming long takes, courtesy of Kottke, who has an eye for cinematic tracking shots / a primer on Musique Concrete / the inside story of the Dyson EV / photography, mostly fashion, at The Photo Registry / exploring fashion collections at the Met’s Costume Institute Library / Chronicles of Modernism: uncovering the history of the Isokon Building, north London’s answer to the Bauhaus.

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