Sounds, senses and scenes

Phil Gyford has compiled a massive Spotify PLaylist for Simon Reynolds’ epic book Rip It Up And Start Again. His post links to other playlists but as he says, ‘I wanted a playlist that I could have listened along to while reading the book… So my playlist is in order that the songs are mentioned in the book. I’ve included every track that is described in a sentence or more (so not if it’s only mentioned by name, in passing).’


More music. Stewart Nash blogs about music, old and new, with especially pithy observations about the UK festival scene in the 1990s / Honey is Funny, listening to the contemporary avant-garde / Flower Bomb Songs, obscurities and favourites from the 60s, 70s and 80s / abandoned things: The Court’s Folly in Dover, Kent and the Secret Train Platform beneath the Waldorf-Astoria in New York (via Kottke). Time to revisit the Post Office Railway below central London / the Big Map Blog, e.g. this 1909 Birdseye view of Los Angeles / architecture, architecture, architecture at Archello.


Architecture Wanted and Vancouver Lights, two weblogs on contemporary design in Canada / futurism is a much earthier business these days, only casually cloaked in the optimistic aesthetic of the past: Thrilling Wonder Stories / some tumblrs. Catrina L Stewart presents architecture and architectural drawing. Her own work has a Constructivist Rube Goldberg vibe, especially with projects like the LA Stunt School (‘a place where actors came to learn and train to simulate fights, car crashes, flying, fire, explosions, etc’) / art and prints at Senses Working Overtime / Rankin Partners, imagery / Braden?, more imagery / Concept Sketch compiles first ideas, presentations and more.

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