Sounds high and low

‘Ambient music for study, contemplation, work, and sleep’, The Immersion Zone is a live Youtube channel running 24/7 by Steve Roach (via Synthtopia) / link to an entertaining thread about nightmare interviewees / Dear Prudence / the buzz of the Fjord Fuzz / music by Unwed Sailor / another synth documentary, Bright Sparks Behind The Scenes (via MusicRadar) / music by The Nightmare Generator / isolated Pink Floyd guitar / Self-Organising Textures / ‘Putin’s palace‘ (the quote marks feel important), ‘Builders’ story of luxury, mould and fake walls’ / animation that changed cinema / The remote Canadian architecture of power couple Shim-Sutcliffe / Stock Orchard Street, inside Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till’s home / the Live Music Jukebox (via tmn), exploring how live tracks differ from studio versions.

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