Sounds and sights from beyond space

A very random collection of things. Fire Maidens of Outer Space (1956) / water simulation on kinetic displays / photorealist paintings by Ben Weiner / love this: noclip, unfettered exploration of classic 3D gaming environments in a browser (via b3ta) / a silo drums sample set, featuring extreme natural reverb / hear also the Lullatone Sample Sets / a map of Agatha Christie’s England / Skyscrapers, the vertical evolution of London and New York, a project by Recent Spaces (via dezeen) / the current state of artificial intelligence – bring your own emotions / paintings by Lee Price / sculptures and paintings by Susanne Kathlen Mader / MVRDV’s Marble Arch Hill is not widely admired / collage art by Sarah Bridgland / the The London Nobody Knows (1967), at Unseen Films / All the trains in my son’s train podcast ranked by how much I hate them (via MeFi). After all, Accidents Happen.

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