Sound flowers

A couple of fun things from musicradar; Circle Guitar, a robotic arpeggiator by Anthony Dickens (we think); 1000 oscillator drone synth by Look Mum No Computer; Love Hultén’s micro-sized Meccano MMXS synth, ‘a tribute to Martin Molin and a miniature homage to his ongoing music project Marble Machine X‘ / the crazy sci-fi watches of Poland / for sale, one of the icons of 20th century modernism, the Lovell Health House / or try this 1970s house by Jacques de Blois in Saint-Damase-de-L’Islet, Quebec / build your own medieval stronghold / staying small, tiny Star Wars-themed models, including models of modelmakers making models / where has all the visual inspiration gone? / read the new issue of Cabinet Magazine online / play with a set of musical toys at Chrome Experiments / see also Noise-based generative biomes and more / art by Fanélie Muselier.

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