Sound and image

A varied collection of things. Humboldt’s Illustrating Nature, a richly illustrated book about the travels of Alexander von Humbolt in the early 19th century / Do Not Forget Me, film studios in Kolkota photographed by Nandita Raman / Conserve the Sound, an archive of vanishing technologies and their associated audio (via Kottke) / a collection of free sounds / Novation // Oscillator Culture – The Story of the Polysynth / Dirty Furniture is an excellent design magazine / Ban on putting Shetland in a box on maps comes into force / Architectural Photography Awards 2018 shortlist. No sign of this extraordinary picture of the Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau / open source plans for a Mars Rover / music by Poino, via Horse Arm Records / a gallery celebrating London’s Scala Cinema, home of 24 hour weird film marathons.

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