Something in the water

A tale of derring-do, boundless courage, optimism and rank ignorance: self-taught rocket scientist plans to launch over ghost town. Leaving aside the flat earth theory, amateur rocket travel is a truly eccentric niche. A few years ago, Copenhagen Suborbitals was in the news. The company is still around, but the co-founder is (in)famous for sadly different reasons. Here is a list of amateur rocket records. Can you make your own homemade spacecraft? Is it possible to reach space using a home-made rocket? / some other things. Violence against women detected. The art of Jilly Ballistic / Overnight at Walmart, a gallery (via Kottke) / UK water firms admit to using divining rods to find leaks / The Tenants: Zupagrafika reveals the people behind its modernist paper buildings / related, a new book by Christopher Herwig on the exotic everyday modernism of Eastern Europe and Russia. At the Calvert Journal

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