Some things to listen to

Codex 99 has some fine in-depth design history reporting spliced with personal recollections, e.g The XB-70: My Dad and the Cold War, the story of ‘perhaps the most audacious plane ever commissioned by the Air Force’. Also the Box of Vacations, European travels in the 50s and 60s / 1991 Toyota Crown Hearse for sale / Monorail Music is a record label / Anti Gravity Bunny posts intriguing mixes / how to turn a $200 pair of headphones into a $350 pair of headphones, with a screwdriver / music by Astronoid / play music on IKEA’s forthcoming FREKVENS party system, developed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering / breaking down a track: Killer, by Adamski and Seal / riding the ‘white line’ in Sedona.

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