So, I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip

Doug Aitken’s MoMA installation ‘Sleepwalkers‘, from 2007, gets the lavish box set treatment. Someone needs to start a gallery of great box sets, from music to art and more / how to polish a car / Monolithic, a look ‘at the immensity of monolithic landscapes and architecture’ at Super Colossal / Four the Love of Art / Static in between channels, music and video / Page 1, a ‘typographic experiment in which 70 different graphic designers have responded to the same brief: to layout the first page of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.’ A project by GraphicDesign&.


Lego continue to demonstrate their ability at bridging the digital/analogue divide with the super hero movie maker app / pictures from an old book, a weblog about illustration / Little Magazines of the modernist era (via MeFi) / Tiny Houses / architecture for sale. See also the Modern House. Urlaubs Architektur, architecture to rent / Literary Minifigs.

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