Smoking lounges in the sky

The Z. Taylor Vinson Transportation Collection / sort of related, inside the Hindenburg. A fine ride, by any standards. The comments are particularly interesting. Above image is of the passenger lounge. See also the details of the pressurised Smoking Room / how Rockwell’s Four Freedoms came about, at Illustration Art / Sherlock and Doctor Who: beware of fans influencing the TV they love / Wegway, a blog about art / all sorts of spectacular visions at A Cidade Branca.


James Meek on the capital’s housing crisis. See also Mapping London’s collection of London house price and rent maps, including a link to the FT’s interactive affordability map / related, Is It Cheaper To Live In Barcelona And Commute To The UK? (via, via) / Travel time to major cities: A global map of Accessibility / here comes the sun: Rjukan, the Norwegian town that does it with mirrors / an expanded post on the ghost stations of the underground.


Elite Systems, once purveyors of occasionally rather dodgy Spectrum games (although Commando was pretty good) are now looking to recreate the look and feel of the Spectrum as an iPad keyboard (via Yahoo) / Secret Projects, a treasure trove of information about aviation’s oddities, dead ends and speculative futures / more sci-fi, this time of the pulp variety: Fabio Femino’s Futurology page / Vintage Travel Ephemera pool / huge quantities of typographical imagery and more at the flickr page of Stephen Coles.


One Base on an Overthrow, devoted to obscure 80s and 90s alt music (horrid phrase, but will have to suffice) / new(ish) music recomendations: Grey Hairs / Ex-Easter Island Head, Branca-ish massed guitars / Angles, excellent instrumentalists / Life (it’s just the same) / Buffalo Coven Party / how to become a fake SoundCloud superstar.

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