Small things considered

Usefulness in Small Things, Items from the Under a Fiver Collection. Industrial Facility’s eye for quirky but unadulterated function has manifested itself in several exhibitions of objects. Now it’s a book, a handsome object that fetishizes the quotidian in a way that more and more websites in particular are seeking to emulate. In particular, the whole ‘things arranged neatly’ genre is, on reflection, a strange mix of aesthetics and curation, more akin to C19 museology than the contemporary understanding of classifications and presentation. Hecht and Colin’s ongoing project is essentially about anthropology as much as it is design – these are things that fall between the cracks of a profession obsessed with how to convey an object’s ‘story’ to the consumer / kind of related: ‘I love blogs that show what’s in your handbag, your suitcase, your closet, and your makeup kit. What other blogs would I love?’


Unfinished London, episode 2, the story of the ringways / Typewriters from the 1950s / a blog about the caravans built by the French company Notin, Rolls-Royces for campers. See also Classic Caravans / Before I die, house as inspirational chalkboard, a project by Candy Chang / Folklore and Mythology: Electronic Texts.


Unsubstantiated Rumours, a tumblr / Mildly Diverting: amuses-bouche, a tumblr / Uncertain Times, a tumblr / Tomoso, a tumblr / the end of attribution: Taken From / Workspace, a weblog about design and art / Neo-Constructivist, a tumblr / a 40 gigapixel panorama of the Strahov Library in Prague (via MeFi) / The Book Covers Project / Letterology, a design weblog.

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