Small things

Amir Zaki’s Relics series, the lifeguard tower as mysterious architectural totem (via Space Invading) / Locals vs Tourists, who takes pictures of what / Have you ever found a secret room in your (or anyone else’s) house?. See also the Secret New Room Dream / Swiss Cheese and Bullets also blogs at Concrete Proof. The new Brutalist revival gathers pace / a short video on the history of The High Line (via Architectural Scholar).


Phil Gyford creates Today’s Guardian, a site that scrapes together the newspaper’s pages into something designed explicitly for screen reading: ‘Finally, I wanted finishability. I wanted to be able to read today’s news, know I’d read it all, and that I’m done until tomorrow. Again, this is not too difficult if you’re willing to accept that the contents of the print newspaper is a reasonable solution.’ Makes the investment in dedicated apps look rather poorly thought out – we’ll be adding it to the sidebar.

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