Small snippets

A Migrant boat cemetery in Lampedusa, photographs by Michele Lapini / Faith is Torment, an art and design blog / ShapeShifting, a tumblr / Container Magazine, an assemblage of art and design (via wallpaper*) / the FIBUA village on Sennybridge Range Wales / Cyberpocalypse, insanely detailed Lego urbanism / the Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013.


The largest building in the world, the New Century Global Centre in Chengdu, seemingly designed for Western column inches / Chinese newspapers must have a similar reaction to stories like this: Floating Utopias: The degraded imagination of the libertarian seasteaders, a piece by China Mieville.


The girls are, ‘a UK based online magazine championing women in music’ / Weird Vintage, a tumblr of eclectica / Photographic communication and our experiencing selves?, Kottke collates recent musings on the disconnect between imagery and reality / the Pininfarina 1800, fine Italian design offered up to underserving British engineering. Which rejected it.

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