Small scale

Just one paragraph with lots of things today. Go Figure, ‘You can take the most random rendering and just stick in a few people… Suddenly it’s meant to make the entire building beyond critique; it’s already part of our city.’ The generic digital offerings of Realworld Imagery have largely replaced the characterful and highly detailed figures made by Paul M.Preiser, many of which have that casual central European sauciness, a bit like a little Jack Vetriano vignette (via Switchman, a weblog) / 24 x 24, a MagCulture marathon celebrating the state of independent print / The Weight of the World, interactive infographic about burgeoning bmi’s / boars and fury, The Boozy Otter Reigns, Low Country, Antonas, tumblrs all / Stuff People Send Me, a weblog / In pictures: Frédéric Chaubin’s subversive Soviet superstructures. A new book from Taschen. Frédéric Chaubin’s work has been widely seen online ever since PingMag did a story on his images five years ago. Now it’s in book form and gathering even more attention, a reflection perhaps of a hunger for imagery that combines retro-futurism with a genuine sense of loss for the avant-garde, regardless of ideological underpinnings.

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