Small minded

“It is worth remembering a website does not have to be a product; it can also be art. The web is also a creative and cultural space that need not confine itself to the conventions defined by commercial product design and marketing.” Something we can get behind. Rediscovering the Small Web, an essay by Parimal Satyal, found via the ultimate aggregator of the hand-rolled internet, Metafilter. It’s all about the wunderkammer… / other things. Mellow acoustic music by Lily Hayes / fuzzy sounds by BDRMM / more music curators: We All Want Some; Tonic Grain; Hard of Hearing Music; Midsummer Madness; Wild Patterns / buy the new Pip Blom album and it’ll be hand delivered to your door (NL only…) / the instagram belonging to Mr Joe Cornish / Mudlarking the Thames. See also Thames Discovery / speaking of the small web: The Zymoglyphic Museum / RIP Christo / Architecture of Doom posts about a map of American animal husbandry, ‘Project Counterglow‘ (originally linked by The Intercept) / real magazines – why not close that web browser and go out and do something less boring instead?

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