Slow motion

Jonathan Schipper’s Slow Motion Car Crash #1 is the UK debut of his series of glacial automotive catastrophes, similar in concept to Schipper’s earlier Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle (and seen here in early model form). We’ve previously noted the piece’s debt to Burden, but like the way the American cars were crashing into each other, whereas the humble, lonely European car is ploughing quietly and methodically into a brick wall. Time-lapse video / the Renault Avantime celebrates the tenth anniversary of its arrival in the UK (the car was originally presented in 1999). The company is only just warming to its rather unloved offspring.


How early digital photographers missed the Lewinski scandal: ‘Before anyone heard of Monica Lewinski, there was a White House photo shoot wherein then-President Clinton was shaking hands and even hugging his staff, including Ms. Lewinski. 20 photographers were there. 19 of them were shooting digital; one shot film. After the shoot, all the digital people looked through their shots and deleted the boring ones. Only the film guy still had his negative a year later, when Ms. Lewinski made the news.’

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