Slow, inexorable decline

The story of IT, how the Segway was hyped and boosted and failed to match sky high expectations (via MeFi). We have fond memories of zipping around the hangars at Farnborough Airfield with Dean Kamen back in the early days. Probably indulged in a bit of boosterism ourselves / the Museum of Everything Else (via Gearnews), a collection of audio gear and experiments in Ramsgate / mice farm, an archive of mice / a Louis Vuitton Video Game / The slow collapse of Amazon’s drone delivery dream / Kyiv’s Flowers of Ukraine, ‘the modernist greenhouse that miraculously escaped demolition’ / music by Memory of Elephants / an early stereoscopic image of Stonehenge, courtesy of the Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy, which is a thing. See also the Stereoscopy Blog.

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