Slightly more sombre

We meant to link to this a few weeks ago, but then tower blocks burned and in the immediate aftermath it seemed a bit too raw. But it’s at least heartening that K+C’s new MP – a noted design writer – should have the power of observation to note the many flaws in the idea of the ‘trickle-up economy‘. A shame that the debate should subsequently be opened up in the most tragic ways possible. We doubt any MP has ever used the term ‘privately run hipster millenials’ playground’ before / the Rhinowolf modular tent / related, what happens to the tents left behind at Glastonbury? / America’s empty railways, photographs by John Sanderson / a phone memory card as a repository of memory: The secret lives of young IS fighters, by Quentin Sommerville / Demystifying the Ancient Tangle of London’s Streets, the story of the A to Z, courtesy of the NG’s All over the Map blog. See also Trap Streets, Ghost Words, and Mountweazel – see: Fictious entries, a post on cartographic fictions / Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science? / a massive magazine archive (via Meanwhile) / Speedrun World Records (via RPS) / animation and printmaking by Stina Lofgren / Life Without Stuff, a short film / worth revisiting, a collection of supercuts.

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