Slight Return

The Library of Things – ‘why buy when you could borrow?’ This Guardian piece asks whether ‘borrowing everything from drills to disco balls cut waste and save money?’ It is certainly a tempting idea. Based in Oxford (a London branch opens soon), the library’s stock is still rather prosaic and practical, but perhaps the more esoteric the better. Sort of related, Dimensions.Guide, a database of measured drawings (via Kottke70’s Sci Fi & Superhero Utility Belts at The Dork Review, via David Weiner’s It Came From…, a blog about retro pop nostalgia / not pop, music by Millipede / Lisa Drewe: The woman walking on the edge of hidden islands. Drewe runs the site Islandeering.


Please help me find the very best strange trippy short films and videos / the East End in Colour, 1980-1990. See also the Development and Construction of London Flickr group / Arrows Classic is a Japanese company that refurbishes old Mercedes (via Uncrate) / related, proposed BMW 2002 restomod / paintings by Gareth Cadwallader / Photo Requests from Solitary, ‘a participatory project that invites men and women held in long-term solitary confinement in U.S. prisons to request a photograph of anything at all, real or imagined, and then finds a volunteer to make the image’. Not related, but the flipside of hope perhaps, The Last Meals Project (via MeFi) / Yuji Watanabe’s Dr. Minezaki House, the ‘Dragon Fort’, from 1968, at SOS Brutalism: ‘the building resembles a curled up dragon with private and office rooms for a medical doctor’.


The Emotional Charge of What We Throw Away / the (many) legends of Crybaby Bridge / McMansion Hell: I wasted a whole day making this chart for architects and so now you have to see it too / Kicks Condor. Every now and again we find a site (or it finds us) that seems like a kindred spirit in approach and sensibility / Burls Art makes guitars and things / music by Lacing / Congregation, a photography project by Sophie Green / Raw Materials, an ongoing research project exploring the industrial heritage of the River Lea through found objects / drawings of houses by Stefan Zsaitsits / short fx clips by FX Mania.


Art by Xooang Choi / America’s fading shopfronts, photographs by John Lehr / The World’s Worst Records / the 360° Alphabet by Jinhwa Oh / Hamburg Deconstruction, Carsten Witte / Ignant has a folio of Alain Capeillères’s Swimming Pool in the Côte d’Azur, photographed by Romain Laprade. Laprade’s site is full of beautiful shots: La Grande Motte; Walden 7 by Bofill; Niemeyer’s Headquarters of the French Communist Party / photography by Janie Kidston / illustrations by Visothkakvei / memories of Disintegration by Roger O’Donnell / Mudhoney play the Fulham Greyhound, March 1989.

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