Sleeping giants

Otto’s Greenhouse at Architectural After-life. Yes, it’s ruin porn, but at least there’s a decent dose of history in there too / what will the ruins look like after Donald Trump’s War on Architecture? There were some German guys who thought about that: Albert Speer and the fascist theory of ruin value. Do the Ghost Hotels of Atlantic City count? / somewhere else where the ruins have also been meticulously curated: the Rough Guide to Xbox (via Kottke) / also via K, Old Book Illustrations / The music icons captured by Scots amateur photographers / Electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani explaining synthesizers on the PBS kids show 3-2-1 Contact / sort of related, Arp 2600 reissue / and here is the contemporary result: / staying retro, rotary cellphone by Justine Haupt / 70s Sci-Fi Art, a tumblr / restoring a house in SF, the Pink Painted Lady / Visits from the Night Hag, on a troubled relationship with sleep.

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