Sky scrapings

‘The adidas ‘Future.Craft Strung’ designed by Kram/Weisshaar, a shoe-making robot that pioneers a 3D knitting technology enabling it to produce full shoe uppers on the spot.’ From Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street, coming soon at the Design Museum / 78s at the Internet Archive (Gearnews). Sample gem: teaching a parakeet to talk is fun (for health, normal parakeets only) / a show about special rocks at sight unseen / the hidden world of Christo and Jeanne-Claude / the Alpha EV, a design departure from ‘conventional’ EV styling / Celestial Art by Thomas Wright (d1786), at brain pickings / Swift Redux / Wiltshire Community History / seems to be early days for Stompenberg FX, an online repository of fx pedals at Thomann that allows you to try before you buy / photography by Amos Fricke / art by Carrie Dowdell.

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