Sketchy behaviour

The Bad Drawing Club by Millie Nice / Soundsphere magazine / the Teen guide to homemaking / huge Studio Ghibli image dump / Willard Wigan, micro sculptor / collections, collections, collections / “‘If the aliens lay eggs, how does that affect architecture?’: sci-fi writers on how they build their worlds” / instrumental music by second violin / percussive music by Nina Oldbridge / Inside the Surprisingly Big Business of Spotify’s Secretive White-Noise Spammers (via tmn) / has in-browser white, pink and brown noise generators, along with a host of other soothing lockdown background soundscapes / the sad story of BITE, practically plausible / the original plans for the Solent Tunnel / a list of nearly 2,000 lost English country houses / Houses for Sale / Maisons à vendre / Small World, an exhibition by Clayton Schiff.

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