Six underground

The Airstream Funeral Coach, ca 1980s (via Cars That Never Made It) / Vintage Covers. Sci-fi reimagined / beats and samples by Wan-Vox / always worth a visit, Synth History / Eileen Gray’s E-1027 House completes its restoration / entertainingly hubristic read, Dead Start-up Toys / the reality of van life, a surprise to practically no-one / potential new life for the train station at the Estación Internacional de Canfranc, a long-standing urbex favourite / Stewart Copeland’s solo’d drums, Walking on the moon / more dramatic abandoned things, Greg Abandoned’s view of electric city cars left to rot in China / The Smell of Calpol on A Warm Summer’s Night, ‘Scarlett Carlos Clarke captures lockdown motherhood in surreal imagery’ / are megabasements causing floods?

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