Since we’ve been gone

Musician Nils Frahm calls out artists for selling NFTs: “It’s unforgivable to participate in something which is so bleak and wrong” / related, NFTs Weren’t Supposed to End Like This / If Y2K-Era Movie Theater Carpets Could Talk: ‘Like cartoon corporatism and hypermodernism getting smashed through a cultural particle collider’ (via MeFi) / new music from GY!BE / Pithoprakta (1955-56) by Iannis Xenakis, complete with graphical score. Reminiscent of the multi-million note ‘black MIDI’ compositions that gained favour a few years ago / Pierce Film Productions has gathered a huge number of interviews about the art of miniature effects and model-making in movies / some great instrumental soundtrack recommendations, including the work of Mega Drive / a profile of pop mastermind Max Martin / recreating 40 of the greatest synth sounds of all time / music from the Dry Cleaning Band / Islands of Abandonment, ‘Life in the Post-Human Landscape’, a book by Cal Flyn / would make a good ruin: a New Jersey house by Gwathmey Siegel / a bit further down the road it’s ‘Off-Season‘, photographer Tyler Haughey and historian Gabrielle Esperdy explore the New Jersey shore, ‘an unlikely place in which to document landscapes that are still, quiet, unpopulated. Now the pandemic has given new meaning to images evoking an uneasy stasis and uncertain future’ / these reminded us of Sheila Rock’s Seaside series.

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